Privacy Policies

The following are the privacy policies (“Agreement”) of the website located at the URL (“Bukium”).

When you access, use, surf and register with Bukium you become a user of this web site (“User”) and are bound to comply and respect the present Agreement. By accessing, in any way using, surfing through and registering with Bukium you are entering into a legally binding agreement with Bukium, in accordance with all the rules and terms provided in the Agreement. If you do not agree with any or all the clauses of this Agreement, do not access, use, surf or register with Bukium.

I - Admission as User

A. Minimum Age

Bukium is a social networking site designed to create a global community based on  the exchange of information, relationships and contacts worldwide. Bukium respects User’s privacy and they must be adults and have full contractual capacity, in accordance to the law of each User’s domicile. Bukium does not allow the access, use, registration or surf of the site by minors and the registration of minors  constitutes a breach to the present Agreement. Parents and/or Tutors shall be directly liable for the breach of the Agreement and any other damages caused by the use of Bukium on behalf of minors.

If any User detects or believes that a minor has registered with Bukium in violation of this Agreement and Terms and Conditions, please contact Bukium by sending an email to

B. Acceptance of the Agreement

Bukium has structured a series of rules of use in the present Agreement in order to safeguard its User’s privacy and personal data. In order to comply with its rules and privacy protection policies, every person that uses, visits, registers or surfs through Bukium, must unconditionally accept to be bound to the Agreement. As long as Users respect and comply with the obligations hereunder, Bukium grants them the revocable, non exclusive, limited and non assignable right to access and use of the services provided in the website.

II - Information provided by Users

A. Type of Information Used by Bukium

The Bukium Privacy Policies have the objective of informing Users about how and why personal information is recollected in the website, so Users can comprehend the destination of the information posted and shared in the community. It is important that Users be in control of their information at all times so that they may choose what information they decide to post. These Privacy Polices shall help Users make responsible decisions about their participation in Bukium.

Users provide three types of information to Bukium: (i) data that the User provides during the registration process; (ii) traffic data that is automatically generated by the mere use of the website.

Bukium has no access and does not construct data bases based on Users’ financial data provided during the payment of Credits through PayPal. The use and handling of personal data of Users is regulated by PayPal’s own Privacy Policies. When Users use credit cards in order to buy Credits, Bukium does not withhold or introduce financial data of Users to any data bases.

A1. Registration Information

Voluntary Provision

When Users choose to register, they must provide their personal data, email address, user name and a password. A User’s email address and password are in all cases private and shall not be published. Users acknowledge that the information is voluntarily provided and that he/she agrees to the uses and treatment of its personal data in accordance with the present Agreement.

User’s Obligations

To effectively register with Bukium Users must: (i) provide a valid email account , and (ii) guard the security and confidentiality of their user name and password.

Each User’s registration is personal and their accounts cannot be subject to  assignments. Therefore, Bukium does not allow multiple registrations by a single individual. Users are liable for false information provided to Bukium and are exclusively responsible for guarding the security and confidentiality of their password.

A2. Traffic Data

When a User uses the website, Bukium receives information such as: type of browser, IP address, duration of use of the website, reference website, traffic and preferences of the User inside Bukium, etc.

Bukium uses permanent cookies which are automatically downloaded to Users computer in order to remember user names and passwords and other preferences selected by any User inside the website. Cookies are exclusively downloaded to personalize User’s experience in Bukium. However, cookies are not mandatory to use the website and Users may eliminate or restrict them in their own operative systems.

Bukium has third party ads and banners administrated by third parties. These banners and ads automatically receive User’s IP addresses and send personalized ads in accordance with navigation preferences or may use other technologies to measure the effectiveness of ads and contents. Bukium has no access or control over these cookies or other technologies used by third parties nor does it assign User’s registration or other information present in profiles. Bukium is exclusively liable for the use of its own cookies and technologies and this Agreement does not govern the consequences of cookies on behalf of third parties through ads or banners.

B. Use of Personal Data

Bukium  retains Users’ registration and traffic data in order to provide the services described in Clause I of the Terms and Conditions. Bukium shall not reveal these personal data to third parties and shall guard them in accordance to the present Agreement. In case of assignments of personal data, Bukium shall notify Users of such assignments and shall offer Users the possibility of cancelling their registration.

Any biographic information posted by Users is considered outside the scope of the present Privacy Policy and shall be used solely to identify authors and to provide Users with information to identify them.

III - Notification Services to Users Email Accounts

Bukium provides its Users with a notification service, that enables them to be constantly updated of changes, invitations, comments, ads, promotions and any other event that is posted on the website.

The most common notices that Users may receive are the following:

  1. Welcome E-Mail

  2. News on Bukium.

  3. New comments to User Contents

  4. New Password/Reset of passwords

  5. Advertisements, promotions or invitations to events in the network

  6. Credits received from download of literary works.

This list is a mere enumeration of possible notifications and Bukium may send other notices to User’s email accounts in order to personalize its service and to keep its members updated of new improvements in the social network. Users consent to receive these notifications in their email accounts. However, each email shall include a link to Users account settings, where they may select what notifications they desire to receive. Users may limit or change the type of communications that they receive by email by entering to their account preferences.

IV - Uses of Information posted on Bukium

Users may only use Bukium if they comply with the rules of use contained in the Agreement and applicable law. The following uses are prohibited and Users represent and warrant that they shall not use Bukium to:

  1. Collect by any means other User’s or third party’s email addresses published in Bukium in order to send spam, non-solicited or authorized emails, chained emails or any other illegal communications;

  2. Generate, post, publish, transmit, share, file or otherwise provide any content (texts, sounds, photographs, images, etc.) that is harmful, threatening, pornographic, illegal, slanderous, abusive, harassing, obscene, fraudulent and/or that may harm any individual’s right to privacy, intimacy, use of image, copyrights, intellectual and industrial property and/or that may contain discriminatory elements for racial, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation, political beliefs or any other motive;

  3. Register more than one account for a single individual or commit identity theft against any person or legal entity

  4. Post false manifestations or provide any false information concerning: (i) a User’s name and password, (ii) friends, contacts or third parties; and (iii) events, destinations, products or services;

  5. Generate, post, publish, transmit, share, file or otherwise provide personal information (including names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, identity and passport numbers, credit card information and any other personal data) of any other User or third party without their previous authorization;

  6. Bukium strictly prohibits the sale, transfer and assignment of user names and passwords; and

  7. Use any of Bukium’s services in breach of the Terms and Conditions, Agreement, the applicable law and generally accepted moral codes, norms of good behavior or in any way that may harm, damage, discredit, overburden or prejudice Bukium, Users or third parties.

The present list of prohibited uses is a mere enumeration of violations that Users and third parties may commit.

V - User’s Rights

A. Right to Access, Rectify and Supress information

Users may access and  control the personal information provided to fill their profiles at any time, by entering their account settings and deleting any data they wish. In order to make changes or delete information, Users must log onto the website and once entered changes are immediately made on the profile.

Users may also unsubscribe and terminate their accounts at any time and their profile shall be from then on permanently inaccessible. Other Users shall not be entitled to enter a terminated profile and Bukium shall store filed copies for a reasonable lapse time.

If Users need assistance to rectify and/or suppress any data that has been provided to Bukium personally or by other Users, he/she may send an email to Bukium will notify the User within a reasonable period of time the results of the query.

In case a User believes that there could be an infringement of the Agreement in any Bukium website or if he/she has any other claim, they may send an email to

Bukium’s Obligations

A. Provision of services

As long as the site is operational, Bukium undertakes the obligation  to constantly develop its services in order to improve its User’s experiences.

Bukium has the exclusive right to suspend, replace, restrict, temporally or permanently discontinue the access to its services, with or without notice. Bukium does not guarantee the availability and operation of the website, but shall notify of interruptions and failures that may affect its use when the circumstances allow it.

In case of a violation to this Agreement Bukium shall suspend, replace, restrict or temporarily discontinue all or part of its services to all or some Users without prior notice. Bukium shall not be liable for any consequences of this cancellation.

B. Security

Bukium shall make its best efforts to provide its Users with a secure platform and will use antivirus, firewalls and other technologies to prevent attacks. However, Bukium is not liable for possible attacks, phishing, farming  or any other force majeur event that may breach the site’s security systems.

VII - Miscellanea

A. Applicable Law

This Agreement and any disputes arising out of or relating to the Agreement shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Argentina, excluding any conflict of law rules.

B. Jurisdiction

Any Disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved by the courts of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

C. Notifications

For all legal, judicial and extrajudicial effects, Bukium constitutes its legal domicile at Güemes 3806 6B - 1425 , Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, where all notifications concerning the site shall be valid.

D. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable under mandatory laws of a particular jurisdiction, such provision shall be interpreted as to give maximum effect to its intended purpose and this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of (a) such provision under the laws of any other jurisdiction, or (b) any other provision of this Agreement.

E. Modification

Bukium reserves the right to modify, supplement or replace the Agreement, effective upon posting at Users acknowledge that should they persist in the use of the site after the posting of the modifications, then they have implicitly accepted the new Agreement. Users have the obligation to visit the Terms and Conditions and this Agreement’s site to control if there have been any modifications.

F. Language

Bukium provides its Users with versions of this Agreement in other languages. However, should there be any differences, the original and binding version shall be the Agreement in its Spanish version.